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  • Tannus Under Armour

    £35.00 - Fitting available

    20" - 24" - 26" - 27.5" - 29" - 700c

    Tannus Armour has been developed with our patented Aither technology. A multi-cell foam compound that is lightweight, flexible yet incredibly durable. Aither is the culmination of 10 years of Tannus development within the tyre industry Tannus Armour is a foam insert that sits between your inner tube and tyre, providing an additional layer of protection against 4 main types of damage.


    The Armour very noticeably absorbs a huge amount of the vibration from the ground (eg. rock strikes) and dissipates the energy evenly in the tube. The result is a much smoother, quieter, more comfortable and compliant ride.

    LOWER PSI – The Armours near 360° bead-to-bead, protection gives sidewall structure to the tyre, allowing us to ride at much lower pressures without the tyre deforming and becoming slow and difficult to handle.

    PUNCTURE PROTECTION – Armour eliminates 90% of all punctures due to its reinforced sidewall and underside protection.

    INCREASED GRIP – Run at lower pressures for increased grip in wet conditions and loose rock.

    INCREASED COMFORT – Armour absorbs vibration for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

    RUN FLAT – If you do get a flat tyre you can still ride for a limited period at up to 6mph without damaging your wheel.

    FAST ROLLING – Engineered to minimise rolling-resistance (drag), Tannus Armour provides the ultimate balance of speed and protection.

    EASY INSTALLATION – Installing the Armour is as quick and easy as installing a regular tyre and is maintenance free.

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